Bethany means the Word of God everyday-

Bethany is a fantastic school. I have been here for eight years, and it has changed the way I see things and the way I handle things. My parents came to Bethany to meet the staff and see what it was like. When they did that, they knew it was the school for me. All the staff were incredibly nice and were teaching their students what is right and what is wrong. Since I have been at Bethany we hear the word of God every day. We also pray during the morning, before lunch, after lunch, and before we leave. In junior high, the pastors also come in and teach us on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I am so thankful that the staff here at Bethany teaches us what is right and what is wrong because once we go to high school, we will experience more things. The experiences in high school will be much different. Bethany prepares us for these things and teaches us to do what is right.

In sixth grade I won the Christian Leadership Award and it was because of how my parents and Bethany taught me to be. I also like Bethany because it is a small school and there is more one on one with the teacher. Since this school is raising us in our faith, the kids around me are also extremely nice. Bethany does not have tryouts for their sports, so all kids are welcome. At Bethany, I participate in basketball, cross country, track, and the choir program. They also have an extremely talented staff for their sports that help me develop different talents.

For my eight years I have been here, I have learned to accept others, don’t doubt myself, be kind to others, do what is right, and many more, but most importantly, always stay strong in your faith. (Written by a Jr. High student.)