Describe the path to your current vocation.

I have my Early Education degree from Purdue University, and I spent 10 years in the Mortgage Industry in Sales. Being able to promote my Church and School is the perfect mix of sales and education. I love working in a school and talking with prospective families about coming to Bethany! 

When did you become a Lutheran?

I grew up in an ELCA church in Elmhurst, IL. I took some “time off” from church while in college and while living in Costa Rica. When I met Tye (my husband), he invited me back to church. I’m always thankful to him for that. 

What do you love most about your job?

I love meeting new students and families as well as growing deeper roots with current Bethany families. It’s rewarding to see the Holy Spirit move. I also love seeing the dedication of my co-workers. They are true servants and it’s humbling.

What was your longest or most favorite road trip?

One of my favorite trips was backpacking through Europe for eight weeks with a volleyball teammate from Purdue. We would wake up in the morning and decide which country we wanted to see next. We’d try to get lost on purpose and find our way home, and we talked to so many people from different cultures. I felt like the world was at our fingertips and that we could do anything. God’s angels were keeping a close eye on me. 

What are your hobbies?

I like to keep my hands busy with all sorts of crafts: crocheting and quilting in particular. I also like reading, but most of all, just playing with my kids and husband. I particularly like being in nature, whether the mountains of Wyoming or the beaches of Michigan.