October Overview

Hello 2’s Families!

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend! With a shortened week ahead, I though I would share the short snippets of our upcoming month. You will see the normal Two’s News format next week.

Parent Drop-Ins

This Thursday (10/4) and Friday (10/5) I will have drop in times from 9am to 2pm. They are optional and may be scheduled now through Wednesday. If you are unable to make the times available and would like to meet, please email me with your availability. I will accommodate times, if possible.

Snack Helpers: October 8-12

M - Evan

T - Adeline

W- Madilyn

T - Kaylin

F - Hannah

There are no guidelines for Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday snack, only a suggestion page. I do ask that sugary snacks are avoided.

Important Dates:

October 4-5: No School

October 19: No School

October 26: No School

November 9: Grandparents’/ Special Friend’s Day & Veterans’ Day Program

This week we will be continuing our fruit and veggies theme by focusing on Apples!

Blessings throughout your week!

Mrs. Ashley Zorena