Please send your child to school in clothes he/she is free to play in.  Some of our play is messy and sometimes it requires running and climbing.  Please take this into consideration when choosing clothes for your child.  All children should wear non-skid shoes.  Party shoes, cowboy boots, crocs, and some sandals can cause accidents during large motor play.  We go outside every day.  Be sure your child has clothes suited for the weather.  Also, please label all of your child’s belongings.  It can be tricky when we have boots, jackets, mittens, or backpacks that are the same.  Please leave an extra change of clothes including underwear and socks in a gallon size ziplock bag in your child’s backpack.  Although children should be potty trained, accidents do occur.

Class begins at 8:40 am.  Please have your child to class on time.  Early childhood doors are unlocked from 8:20 am until 8:45 am.  Please be sure to take your child to the bathroom and have them wash their hands when you first bring them in the morning.  

Each student is assigned a cubbie in the hallway.  Please hang backpacks and outerwear there.  All children need to bring a full size backpack every day--lots of things will be coming home.  It is helpful if you place all of the notes and projects found in your child’s cubbie at the start of the day in his/her backpack when you arrive every morning.

One of the ways you share in your child’s school experience is by being a parent helper (required in the 3s half-day program and on a volunteer basis for the full-day programs).  Your child looks forward to this time and we value your help.  Grandparents and family friends may serve as parent helpers if you are unavailable.  When it is your turn to help, please make arrangements for any siblings.  You will also provide a small nutritious snack and drink, along with napkins, cups, silverware, and whatever is needed to serve the snack. Please refer to the safe snack list when choosing a snack to bring.  We hope to provide snacks that all children can eat, even those suffering from food allergies.

If you cannot keep a parent helper date that you signed-up for, please try to switch helper dates with someone from another family.  A hardcopy of the parent helper calendar is kept on the bulletin board outside the classroom and an electronic google parent helper calendar can be found on our class website.  

Our curriculum is based on thematic units.  We will inform you of our themes in the weekly newsletter which is sent home by email on Sundays.  Each theme will last approximately two weeks.  If your child has something related to the theme such as books, feathers, shells, etc., he or she may bring it to share with the class.  We will show these items during “Show and Share” time.  PLEASE DO NOT BRING TOYS TO CLASS.

We have a few parties during the year, including a birthday party for Jesus in December and a Valentine‘s Day party in February.  Room parents are in charge of organizing the parties, but all parents are invited to attend.

We will take two to four field trips during the school year.  Permission slips and driver sign-up forms will be sent home accordingly.  We use parent drivers to get to and from field trip destinations.

Scholastic order forms will be sent home at the beginning of each month.  All orders must be submitted by the date stated on the monthly flier.  There is no obligation to purchase books.  Please refer to Scholastic handout for online ordering instructions. 

If you are sending a note from home, book order, permission slip, etc. please put it in the class basket by the door.  I do not have the time to search through backpacks during class. I check the baskets for notes after each class.  If it is regarding pick-up, please bring it to my attention at drop-off time.  If someone new is picking up your child, I will need to see their license or ID for safety reasons at pick-up time.