Bethany means being brought up in the faith-

There is a lot to be said about Bethany. Take it from me, I’ve attended here 11 full years. It’s been my first and only school so far, so there are lots of things I have to say about this beloved church and school that has given me, along with many other students, the knowledge we need to be fully prepared for high school. Bethany has brought me up in the faith from my first day here to my last. Whether it be studying the bible, singing a hymn, reading a devotion, praying (which we do multiple times a day), or attending the weekly chapel service, the word of God is constantly being taught throughout the year. Bethany keeps your faith strong. The environment around you is also outstanding. The teachers are supportive and are constantly trying to make it the best learning experience for everyone. Now I can say from experience that the friends you make and the bonds with the people in your class are hard to achieve anywhere else. Each class is like their own little community. Everyone knows everyone super well and if you’re new, you’ll fit right in. Overall, Bethany is a great experience and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend the first part of my life anywhere else.
— - written by a Jr. High student

Bethany means Jr. High recess-

In Bethany we always have something fun going on. Whether it is Mr. Schultz’s memes or spirit week, we always have something. Bethany is also the only school I have been to that has recess in eighth grade. Whenever I get to see friends from church or my old school and I tell them what happened at recess they always respond with “Wait you still get recess? Lucky!” and that is always how it goes. I have found that Bethany has been my favorite school that I have ever been to. Bethany has been my favorite school because it has helped me grow, learn, and experience things I never had before. That is why Bethany means fun. -written by a Jr. High student

Bethany means many pleasant memories-

  I have spent many years at Bethany and have had many pleasant memories. I am upset that I will be leaving this year, but I will take this chance to tell you what this school means to me. First of all, I really enjoy the safe environment that Bethany provides, not to mention the teachers and staff are always there to help and support you. The occasional class trips are nice because of the stress that gets built up over the course of the day. I also enjoyed playing on the sports teams over my time here, they provided me with chances to build better bonds with my classmates. I like Bethany and will miss it a lot, a thank you to all of the staff for being there for me and my fellow students. -written by a Jr. High student

Bethany means school spirit-

I have enjoyed participating in many sports programs here at Bethany; Cross Country, Basketball, and Track to name a few. And we’ve been good at them, too. We have won the state volleyball tournament eight times, most recently in 2014. Bethany has expanded me to the sport of Basketball by encouraging me to join a travel team, and gave me the desire to run well into high school. You’re able to get into the school spirit even if you aren’t wearing a jersey. You’re able to sell concessions, invite your friends to home games, and cheer on the team. We have all that you need for a fun game day experience, such as a fight song. So come on in, you’re welcome here, and help to cheer on the blue and white of the Royals! - written by a Jr. High student

Bethany means standing up for one another

I love how at Bethany we are one big caring family. We all stand up for each other and support one another. We comfort each other and help each other. We all believe that Christ died for us, and loves us. We talk about Him every day and discuss how we apply our faith to our lives. The teachers are extremely helpful and will take the time to explain something we may not understand. I love Bethany and I am proud my parents sent me here! -written by a Jr. High student

Bethany means great friends and teachers-

Bethany means great friends and teachers. Bethany is a great environment for Christians to make friends and grow closer to God. It is also a place of academic excellence. Encouraging teachers and classmates make learning simple. If you give up on yourself, your friends and teachers will lift you up. Bethany is a great place to go to school.
— written by a Jr. High student

Bethany means being a part of something bigger than yourself-

I have gone to Bethany for 3 years. When I think of Bethany I think of family, fun, and friends. When we have a situation we work together as a class and a family. When you first come to Bethany you are greeted by a class that will be your family forever. We get to learn about Christ and strive to learn from him. I haven’t been here a long time but I feel like I’ve been here forever. The people at Bethany are so amazing. Everyone has their own God-given talents and uses them to their full potential. When you come to Bethany you become part of something bigger than yourself. Bethany reminds me of this quote “Families are like branches on a tree, we grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one (Unknown).”This quote reminds me that when you leave Bethany we will all go different ways but we will always have our Bethany family. Thank you Bethany for all you’ve shown me. --written by a Jr. High student

Bethany means great sports and coaches-

I have been going to Bethany for nine years and have enjoyed every moment of it. The sports curriculums are my favorite. I love how all the coaches volunteer their time to help us. The teachers are also always helping us do our best and preparing us for high school. I find it comforting we can openly speak about our beliefs. - written by a Jr. High student

Bethany means being unified-

Bethany is a community unified under the Bible. In case of any school events, such as the school play, the teachers and staff volunteer to take our the chairs, set up the tables, and provide supplies. It was surprising, and I have never seen teachers and staffs actively engaging in them. Also, Bethany is full of people who want to help others. When I first came here two years ago, the teachers, staff, and my classmates and their parents gave useful advice, so I had no problem adapting to a new society. For these reasons, I thank Bethany for being the most comfortable environment I have ever experienced.
— written by a Jr. High student

Bethany means a warm smile-

Throughout the years, friends have come and gone, some staying for many years, others for one year. Whether they remained for many years or one year, they have had a positive impact on me and have made me the person I am today. The staff is fun, welcoming, kind, and very caring. Whether you are having a bad day or are just walking down the hallway and pass a staff member, they greet you with a warm smile and a kind “hello.” The student and staff are not the only things I appreciate about Bethany. The ability to worship freely and learn about Jesus is another thing I love about Bethany. The school also works to prevent bullying and make sure everyone is treating each other in a Christian manner. The principal handles all of the students like they were his children. I am genuinely thankful to everyone at this school for making it the kind of environment that allows me to learn and freely express and learn about Jesus. --written by a Jr. High student

Bethany means a welcoming family -

This is my fifth year at Bethany and I have enjoyed all of it. I have made many friends along the way that have helped me in many ways. The relationships that I have made at here Bethany are ones I will never forget. The entire staff at Bethany is kind, helpful and respectful. Bethany is like a family, welcoming everyone with open arms and is very inviting. Being at Bethany means being able to worship Christ every day with your friends and learning something new every day. I have continued to learn more about Christ and expand my faith. The education I have received will make sure I am ready for high school. -- written by a Jr. High student

Bethany means pushing students toward high achievement-

Bethany is a good Christian experience. Everyone is really friendly and there are really good programs here. Our chapel services teach us about God, and religion class discusses deeper the Word of God. The environment at Bethany is so different than the average school. It is a more encouraging place where you always feel safe and at home. For all of the years I have been at Bethany not one was a disappointment. The staff is extremely kid friendly, and they love to see your success. They really push you to be the best you can be, and I think they prepare us surprisingly well for high school. Everyone I know is going into geometry, algebra 1 or honors geometry, and if you struggle with some topics the teachers are really flexible with learning the materials. I think Bethany is a really good school to learn and grow in knowledge and more importantly the faith.
— written by a Jr. High student

Bethany means growing in Christ

I have been here for five years and they have been the best five years of my life. I have been able to grow as a Christian in my everyday life. Bethany has helped me in my academics as well. The teachers are amazing and they help you when you need it. Bethany means that I can worship Jesus freely, and learn how to be more like Him. I have been able to expand my views on numerous topics and the teachers want you to ask questions. They want you to be able to have a discussion. I have grown close with my classmates and we have become a family.  --written by a Jr. High student 

Bethany means many opportunities-

When I think of Bethany, I think of fun subjects, nice kids, nice teachers, and math homework.  In Bethany I learn about Jesus everyday. It is a great privilege and opportunity to be in a safe school everyday.  There are a lot of things about Bethany that are good. To name a few, we have fun musicals, events, good teachers, and a good principal.  There are a lot of opportunities to be on a sports team.

Bethany means marching in the St. Patrick's Day Parade-

I love Bethany because I get to learn about Jesus everyday. I also love my teachers. I get an opportunity that no one in public schools ever get. I really like all the activities that go at Bethany like Oktoberfest and the sweetheart dance. I learn a lot at Bethany especially math. Going to Bethany is a privilege for any kid. My teachers always help me. I love all my friends here at Bethany. I also love the sports program. I think the highlight of the year was when me and the other cheerleaders led the Bethany float in the parade.I also love the band program where I play trumpet. Bethany is really great  and I love going here. (Written by an upper elementary student.)

Bethany means family-

Bethany means that no one will judge you on what you believe and do. For me it is a privilege to go to this school and church. You get the opportunity to speak, read, and learn about the Bible, God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus every day at school and church. I get treated like family and a best friend, get treated fairly, and learn stuff that will help me in the future.when you get in trouble they understand that everyone makes mistakes.
— Written by an upper elementary student

Bethany means a home away from home-

Bethany is like my second home. From friends to favorite teachers, Bethany is very important to me. The best part is, that everyday, you get to be around a Christian environment. And, you make lots of friends because you are always around them. There is barely any bullying, if someone spills their stuff, there is usually a crowd helping them pick up their stuff. Another example is at lunch, no one sits alone. EVER. I have gone too Bethany since preschool, (including book bunch) and plan to go there until high school. I hope you feel the same way about Bethany that I do! (Written by a Jr. High student.)

Bethany means freedom to worship-

Bethany means freedom and opportunities to pray and to talk to Jesus. It means we can talk to our friends about Jesus without being sent to Principal Kaspar’s office. It means being able to have Religion class and go to a Bethany School and Church. It means we can love Jesus more than ourselves. It means we can try and act like Jesus our Father and Holy Spirit.
— written by an upper elementary student