Together We Can Make a Difference!

As a parent of a student at Bethany Lutheran School, you are a member of Bethany PTL (Parent Teacher League). The education of your child requires strong partnerships between parents, teachers, and students. As a team, we can provide your child with the best experience possible. The primary goal of Bethany PTL is to support fellowship among members of our team. The PTL relies strongly on the volunteerism of parents and teachers to achieve this goal. There are many areas in which to serve that can provide you with a strong connection to your child’s classroom and Bethany school. We look forward to the many exciting PTL events that this year will bring. Blessings in Christ!

PTL Mission Statement

The Parent Teacher League (PTL) exists to promote fellowship among teachers, faculty, and staff and to facilitate effective Christian training of Bethany’s school children. This will be achieved through educational, developmental, and social experiences at Bethany Lutheran School.

PTL Membership

All parents, faculty and staff are members of the Bethany Parent Teacher League. Active participation through service and fellowship opportunities provides a firm foundation on which to build solid, lasting relationships.

PTL Structure

A Leadership Team sets the overall plan for the year and provides guidance for key committees. A request goes out for parents/guardians to act as committee leaders to help coordinate specified events or activities. Some of these events include an Ice Cream Social, Trunks of Treats/Chili Supper, Family Movie Night, Teacher Appreciation Lunches, Dinner/Silent Auction and providing refreshments at a variety of events.

PTL Meetings

Bethany PTL meets once a month to outline upcoming events. If the event warrants it, we then ask for volunteers to form a “committee” to complete the project. A need is a need….helping on a small event such as Tissues & Treats or a large event like the Dinner & Silent Auction…it is all considered helping. We appreciate willing hearts and hands. Call the school office and volunteer today!