About Our Curriculum

The curriculum is aligned with the requirements of the State of Illinois and meets or exceeds the suggestions outlined by the Curriculum Guide for Lutheran Elementary and Junior High Schools established by the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, and the Northern Illinois Lutheran Elementary School Curriculum Guide and national standards. Graduates are admitted to the area of public institutions of our community on the same basis as those attending the public schools. Many attend Christian high schools in the region.

Graduates from Bethany do very well as they advance through high school and college. Excellent teachers and curriculum, close supervision, the development of strong study/work habits, a good healthy attitude toward school and self, and their growing faith in God are some reasons for their successes. Click on the blue button below for a closer look at our curriculum by grade. 

For any questions, or to set up a tour, contact Linda Fox, Admissions Director, at 630-355-6607 x 256 or email LFOX@bethanylcs.org.