Each One Reach One:
Bethany Lutheran School’s Referral Program

How can you participate? 

This program is designed to reward you for your direct referral of a new student or family enrolling to Bethany.   Please join us as we reach out to our community and invite our friends and family to experience the blessings of a Bethany education. 

It's this simple:

  1. Think of a family who would benefit from a Bethany education.

  2. Complete the referral form and drop it off in the School Office.

  3. Invite your referred family to join us at a Bethany event, by appointment, or for a private tour.

  4. Continue to communicate with and pray for your referred family.

Help spread the good news about a Christian education at Bethany!  

Rules and Regulations

  • Referred families/students must meet existing qualifications and be accepted for admission to Bethany.

  • The current Bethany family (aka: the referring family), must be identified on the Enrollment Application to be eligible for the Each One Reach One Tuition Incentive Reward.

  • If more than one Bethany family is identified on the Enrollment Application, the incentive award will be divided equally among the referring families. If there is no referral name listed, no award will be given.

  • Current Bethany families may refer an unlimited number of families/students. The incentive award may exceed the referring family’s tuition for a given year and will be credited toward future successive years.

  • Incentive awards will be applied to the enrollment year. The referred student must pay the full enrollment fee for the referring family to receive the full award.

  • Each referred student enrolled will benefit the referring family; eg: if one family enrolls 3 students the referring family will receive 3 awards.

  • Other financial aid received by either the referring family or the referred family will not affect eligibility for the tuition incentive award.

  • Upon acceptance, the referred child’s grade on the first day of school will determine the award amount ($500 for Full Day Kindergarten—8th grade; $250 for Half Day Kindergarten—Preschool 3s).

  • Bethany’s Principal, at her sole discretion, will make final determination on eligibility for this program.

  • (Preschool 2s not eligible)

Contact Linda Fox with questions: lfox@bethanylcs.org or 630.355.6607