This wonderful family joined our school last year; the mom works in Naperville although they live quite far away. Here's their story:

       Both of my kids love Bethany! My husband and I enrolled my son thinking we would have him attend until he was old enough to ride the bus on his own to our public school, but he talks all the time about how he wants to graduate from Bethany! And our daughter told me the other day that she loves to go to Chapel :) 

    I think the teachers my kids have had so far have been incredible. I am amazed at all of the different programs offered at Bethany - chess club, Spanish during the school day, and even though my kids aren’t old enough for sports yet the athletics seem to be thriving. Also, the before and aftercare program is also such a convenience and so reasonable.

   Finding Bethany was a true answer to prayer. The year before my son started Kindergarten I was looking around at schools. I was sure that I was going to send him to a progressive ed school in another town. I had considered a few other options and that school seemed like the best one. We had done the visits and applied and he had been accepted, but there were just lots of things that kept coming up that made it not feel like the right fit. 

    But I was afraid that it was too late to find another option, and I was worried I wouldn’t find anything else. I knew we needed a private option since we were not going to use the district we live in, and I didn’t want to go the Catholic route because we are not Catholic. I was stressing about it one day in the car and it hit me like a ton of bricks- I said to myself “you haven’t even prayed about this! You have been stressing for months and you haven’t prayed- what is wrong with you??” I had been trying to think through everything and research everything and be super heady about it all, and I had totally forgot to pray about it- for months! 

    Of course, I then immediately went to God with my concerns, and the very next morning I had a thought pop into my head - see what options there are around where you work. I had been looking close to our home, but Jackson being close to me by my school made so much more sense. Then someone suggested I look for a Lutheran school. In my head I had this notion that Catholic schools were big and Lutheran schools were tiny, so I was skeptical at first, but when I saw the website for Bethany it looked like there was so much happening! Then on the tour/visit everything was so wonderful I knew it was the perfect fit and I was so thankful to God- all the pieces we needed were there. 

    It is amazing to me that such an incredible school happens to be 10 minutes from my work and I almost missed out on sending my kids to it. BLS has been such an enormous blessing!