We are so thankful to have this family of four at Bethany.

We love Bethany’s small and loving environment. We love the fact that they learn cursive so my kids will be able to read letters my grandparents wrote to each other and our founding fathers' documents. I love the fact that kindergartens learn through play and are allowed to be children, also that they are really learning hands on and not just handed tablets to learn like the public school that I toured. Bethany is a very patriotic school which is important to us.  I toured another school recently just for the heck of it. I wanted to kiss Bethany after that experience! I felt like an alien. When she showed us the kindergarten with monster class sizes, I told her we are doing 1/2 day and she said, “that wouldn’t work”.  Bethany is such a warm environment putting the students first, not to mention how much nicer our facilities are.

Also, I hate common core and Bethany respects and encourages our children’s individual unique ideas and supports multiple ways of learning which is key to feeding the great American spirit of thinking outside the box and promoting entrepreneurial thinkers.