Bethany means a bright future-

        (This was written by a student in our Jr. High, with the prompt, "What does Bethany mean to you?").

     What does Bethany mean to me? If you were to ask me that, you would probably think that I would tell you that I am protected from the outside world, but that is not what I would say. I would tell you that to me it means that on a daily basis I get the privilege of learning about God and the outside world. Why do we learn about the outside world you may ask, well we have to be ready for when we go to high school, college, and our life after college. So to me, Bethany means that it will prepare me for the future, no matter what it holds.

            Another question you may ask is, what do you like about Bethany? I have many answers for that question. I have been at Bethany for only seven years, and through these years I have made great friends. They friends I have made here are like my second family that I can trust with anything. I hangout with my friends whenever I can and they always make the day interesting. I have one friend that left in sixth grade and we still hang out whenever we can to just catch up and because she meets new people, I get to meet her friends and become friends with them. Another thing that I like about Bethany is that since it is many grades (preschool- eighth grade), I got to start sports earlier than public schools. We get to start track in fourth grade and volleyball, basketball, and cheer when we are in fifth grade.