Bethany means a warm welcome-

Bethany is a school to learn from all the teachers you have from Preschool to Eighth Grade. To me Bethany is a safe place to have spiritual worship in religion classes and in chapel, which are on Wednesdays. When I walk down the hallways all I see are kids who are blessed to be at this school. What Bethany means to me is a place to laugh and play. It also means to learn God’s word from our friends, teachers, and pastors. I came to Bethany in my first year of middle school. On the first day of sixth grade I remember everyone being so welcoming to me when I walked in through the school doors. The reason why I came to Bethany is because I had a bad experience in public school because I got bullied a lot. After coming to Bethany my life has changed forever.
— written by a Jr. High student