Bethany means learning about the Triune God-

When we go to school, you never really put much thought into why you go there. As our future ages, parents want their children to go to school feeling safe and protected at all times. Though sometimes things happen which cause parents to think twice before sending their child to a school. I currently go to a school called Bethany Lutheran School which is a church and a school mixed together. We worship God and talk about how Jesus died for us on the cross. There are friendly teachers who help us students to understand the subject better and help when we do need help either physically or mentally. Bethany Lutheran School is a private school unlike some schools that are public. The difference between a public school and a private school is that a private school has a smaller class size than most public schools and private schools usually have the students learn about religions and holidays as for public schools they don’t. I like Bethany because of this reason because, you would send your child to school assuming that they are learning the basic fundamentals of learning and about whatever religion you believe in. I believe in the Triune God and his holy Son Jesus Christ, and when I go to school, I know that we will talk more about him. I may go to school to learn about things and that my parents force me to go, but I do enjoy going. The friends and teachers are extremely friendly in this school environment, and Bethany has a strong discipline for students. We learn how to get along with each other and since we would all believe in the same true God, we help each other by using that to understand everyone around us. I also like Bethany because of the subjects we learn, and the challenges that they give. Overcoming these challenges when it comes to learning helps me do better in life to look at all sides of the problem. The teachers usually fill in the part of where they help us, and as they help us we eventually overcome these challenges. Bethany isn’t just an average school I go to every day, it’s a place of learning and God. Bethany is important to me because of the friends you make and how we can all unite as one and overcome the challenges. Bethany is truly another part of my life that helps me realize how it can truly impact you.  As for public schools, there are things that people don’t usually agree with which cause fights, uproars, and many other issues where at the end we just don’t get along. Though at Bethany and other private schools, we are all on the same topic and give our opinions on it. Though we have our fights and problems, we end up working it out together and figuring out how we can further prevent this. What also makes Bethany better than most schools though is the music, arts, and activities they provide to us. This helps us find who we really are and what our passion is which makes us to the people we are today. This helps us to be more open to such activities and helps us to cooperate with most things. I agree with what Bethany says and do, and I have a hope to stay here for a long time. When I start growing up, I will go to high school away from Bethany, but I would use the fundamentals that they have taught us which would help me become a much better person. Bethany indeed is a wondrous school who will help the young grow as the old learn. (Written by a Jr. High student.)