Bethany means learning to manage feelings-

Everyday I go to school, I always enjoy Bethany. I like Bethany because the teachers always try to help you learn and the students are very welcoming. There are always entertaining  opportunities, as well as equal privileges. When I walk into school, I always feel a warm glow. I always feel safe as I go play outside, run in gym, or solve a math equation. On top of all that, we also spend time learning about the Bible and find out ways to control your feelings in a program called Second Step. That program has saved me many times when I was going to have a epic melt down. Bethany also has very healthy food, but tasty enough so kids like them. Along with that, they also have  many types of food, and offer something to eat if you forget to bring a lunch. These are only some of many ways I like Bethany. (Written by an upper elementary student.)