Bethany means a warm smile-

Throughout the years, friends have come and gone, some staying for many years, others for one year. Whether they remained for many years or one year, they have had a positive impact on me and have made me the person I am today. The staff is fun, welcoming, kind, and very caring. Whether you are having a bad day or are just walking down the hallway and pass a staff member, they greet you with a warm smile and a kind “hello.” The student and staff are not the only things I appreciate about Bethany. The ability to worship freely and learn about Jesus is another thing I love about Bethany. The school also works to prevent bullying and make sure everyone is treating each other in a Christian manner. The principal handles all of the students like they were his children. I am genuinely thankful to everyone at this school for making it the kind of environment that allows me to learn and freely express and learn about Jesus. --written by a Jr. High student