Bethany means being brought up in the faith-

There is a lot to be said about Bethany. Take it from me, I’ve attended here 11 full years. It’s been my first and only school so far, so there are lots of things I have to say about this beloved church and school that has given me, along with many other students, the knowledge we need to be fully prepared for high school. Bethany has brought me up in the faith from my first day here to my last. Whether it be studying the bible, singing a hymn, reading a devotion, praying (which we do multiple times a day), or attending the weekly chapel service, the word of God is constantly being taught throughout the year. Bethany keeps your faith strong. The environment around you is also outstanding. The teachers are supportive and are constantly trying to make it the best learning experience for everyone. Now I can say from experience that the friends you make and the bonds with the people in your class are hard to achieve anywhere else. Each class is like their own little community. Everyone knows everyone super well and if you’re new, you’ll fit right in. Overall, Bethany is a great experience and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend the first part of my life anywhere else.
— - written by a Jr. High student