Bethany means pushing students toward high achievement-

Bethany is a good Christian experience. Everyone is really friendly and there are really good programs here. Our chapel services teach us about God, and religion class discusses deeper the Word of God. The environment at Bethany is so different than the average school. It is a more encouraging place where you always feel safe and at home. For all of the years I have been at Bethany not one was a disappointment. The staff is extremely kid friendly, and they love to see your success. They really push you to be the best you can be, and I think they prepare us surprisingly well for high school. Everyone I know is going into geometry, algebra 1 or honors geometry, and if you struggle with some topics the teachers are really flexible with learning the materials. I think Bethany is a really good school to learn and grow in knowledge and more importantly the faith.
— written by a Jr. High student