Meet our Geography Bee Champion!

We just received word that our school champion, Luke Gavin, an 8th grader, has qualified to go on to state level competition this spring.  This is an honor not only for Luke, but also for our school.  Each year about 1000 schools try out for the National Geographic Geography Bee.  Once a student wins the school championship, he is given a qualifying test.  ONLY 10% of the schools will get to move on to state levels.  Luke’s acceptance not only reflects on his gift in this area, but he reflects on the classes he has taken to help prepare him for this honor.  Bethany has participated in this bee since the late 1980s.  That’s a little over 30 years.  Bethany has seen somewhat less than 50% of its students move on to state level, but it does say something about the quality of our students and their instruction.  Well done Luke!  State competition will be held April 6 at Illinois State University in Normal, IL.  We wish Luke well.