Family history assignment

In Social Studies we are learning about America's past and how many immigrants have made our country very unique.  Please take this weekend to think about and discuss your family history with your child and also any traditions or customs that are special to your family.  Please comment below with your answers to the following questions by 8:00am, Monday morning.

1.  What countries are your ancestors from?

2. Do you know which family member(s) were immigrants?  If so,

  • Who were they?

  • What year did they immigrate to America?

  • Why did they come to America?

  • Did they bring anything special with them to remind them of their homeland?

3.  Are there any foods or traditions you and your family enjoy from your ancestor's countries?  If so, what are they?

4.  Choose 1 other custom or tradition that you and your family do and tell about it.