Music & Culture I: Listening for the week of 9/7/16

This week, you will begin your listening journey to great music from throughout history!  Each week you will be required to listen to the assigned pieces and fill out an analysis form for the listening.  Each piece will be listened to a total of 6 times throughout the course of the year. 

Weekly listenings will be structured in "sittings", meaning that you will ideally listen to all of the music in that sitting without interruption.  The schedule of "sittings" will also help you to manage the amount of listening that you need to complete within a given week.  Each sitting will average between 6-15 minutes.  Very occasionally there will be a required 20-30 minute sitting due to the length of a particular piece. 

It is highly recommended that you complete listenings 1-2 and 3-4 in one sitting, and the analysis forms are structured in this way.  

This Week's Required Listening

Sitting 1 (9:48)

Sitting 2 (9:48)