Reading activities

This week we’re practicing main ideas and details. After watching a read aloud video, we each wrote down some details we heard. Then we got into groups, shared our details, and had to come to a consensus on what we thought the book’s main idea was.

We also practiced writing and identifying questions and statements. To do this, we did silent interviews. We first wrote questions for our partner, then traded papers and wrote a statement to answer. After we got our papers back, we got to use the play microphones to practice our speaking and listening skills by doing a live interview. We even had some follow-up questions!

Green Earth Institute

We had so much fun on our 1st field trip of the year! We toured the farm; saw the prairie, wetland, and woodland habitats and learned characteristics of each; experimented with different ways of seed dispersal; looked at different examples of resource conservation such as solar panels, windmills, rain barrels, green roofs, and underground water storage tanks; talked about healthy vegetable choices; ate examples of vegetables that come from different parts of the plant; and learned about why crop rotation is helpful!

Attribute Shapes

In Math we introduced attribute shapes and learned that all pieces have 3 attributes: color, shape, and size. We practiced sorting different ways and than had to identify which shape Mrs. Janetzke took when we weren’t looking!

Paper Plate Meals

We practiced being adults and using the grocery ads to plan meals! We worked in groups of 3 and divided up who was taking what meal. We planned foods for each food group and rated how healthy our meal was.