Ordering numbers in Math

We each started with 3 numbers and had to put them in order from least to greatest. Then we merged the numbers with our group, and then we had to merge all the groups into 1 big line.

Telephone spelling

We practiced words with long o sounds spelled in several ways by playing a telephone spelling game. This is like “old-fashioned” texting and then we got to add together all the numbers we used to spell the word and see how much the word was worth.


Now that we’ve learned more about the different ways same sounds can be spelled, we can start exploring the world of homophones, which are words that sound the same, but are spelled differently and have different meanings. We started our exploration with a 2-color card match game.

State search

This week we started talking about geography. Our first challenge was to see how many of our states we could find off the list in 3:00.

Prairie animals

After learning about several common prairie animals and seeing how the food chain works, we each picked our favorite animal. Then, we wrote clues to create animal riddles. Finally, we got to create our animal out of art supplies! We also enjoyed sharing them with our classmates and testing each other’s knowledge. Stop in our room to see both the plants and animals on display!

Apple tasting

As part of a math lesson on splitting a whole into fractional parts, we taste tested a red apple (Red Delicious), yellow apple (Golden Delicious), and a green apple (Granny Smith). We then made a bar graph with our favorites!

Don't Get Eaten!

After studying prairie animals and food webs, we acted out a food chain game where we got to choose our meal from the appropriate level of the food pyramid. However, once we were eaten, we were out! We then had a real-life discussion of the “Who Would Win?” books to decide between the hawk or the red fox. We determined the hawk would survive!